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New EELQMS registration system off to strong start December 4th 2017


A new registration system for signatories to the European Engine Lubricants Quality Management System (EELQMS) has got off to a strong start. Nearly 200 lubricant companies have already registered Letters of Conformance (LoC) with the new administrators of the system.

SAIL (Services to Associations and Industry in the Lubricants Sector) has been appointed by ATIEL to take over administration of the LoC registration process, whilst ATIEL retains overall responsibility for managing the EELQMS scheme on behalf of its stakeholders. The appointment of SAIL is in response to the growing workload created by an increasing number of companies wishing to join the scheme.

In order to make an ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association) performance claim, ACEA requires lubricant marketers to sign the EELQMS Marketers’ Letter of Conformance (LoC) confirming that they comply with the quality system’s guidelines.

ATIEL, which has administered the EELQMS and the associated LoC since its inception, has been actively promoting the system in order to improve quality standards and achieve greater compliance across the industry, resulting in a large number of new companies wishing to register.

The benefits of signing the new LoC include:

  • Ability to make valid ACEA performance claims in the market
  • Licence to use the EELQMS logo on product labels, documentation and other marketing materials.
  • Inclusion in independent quality surveys which provides individual signatories with confidential feedback on how their products performed.
  • Access to training and educational materials.

Signatories to the new system are not restricted to European lubricant marketers, but include companies from across the world that wish to market lubricants with ACEA performance claims.

New SAIL manager appointed
SAIL has appointed Jef Soetewey, a former lubricant blending plant manager, to manage the EELQMS LoC scheme. Jef takes up his position of SAIL Manager on 1 December and brings a great depth of industry knowledge and expertise to the role.

He will also be responsible for managing the operation of ATIEL’s ongoing programme of market surveys that are used to monitor the actual quality of automotive lubricants in the marketplace and the level of compliance with any claimed performance.

This activity includes independent testing and analysis of lubricants on the market and the exchange of information and technical data to support marketers’ understanding of the quality system and standards required of LoC signatories making ACEA performance claims.

Details of how to register your Letter of Conformance and lists of companies already registered can be found on the SAIL website.

Note for editors
The EELQMS is an overarching quality management system that embraces various standards, test methods and procedure, Codes of Practice and the requirements of the ACEA Oil Sequence requirements. It has been developed jointly by the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA), The Technical Committee of the Petroleum Additives Manufacturers in Europe (ATC) and the Technical Association of the European Lubricants Industry (ATIEL) and is the only quality system that can be used to support ACEA performance claims for engine lubricants.


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