This website provides all essential information to assist you in the registration of the EELQMS Marketers' Letter of Conformance and the Base stock manufacturers' Letter of Conformance.

SAIL has been contracted by ATIEL to provide administrative, financial and management services in support of ATIEL's product compliance and Letter of Conformance activities. SAIL operates the registration system of the signatories of the Letter of Conformance, and on behalf of ATIEL, in association with ATC and ACEA, licences the use of the EELQMS quality trademark. SAIL is also responsible for ATIEL's product compliance monitoring programme.

EELQMS Marketers' Letter of Conformance

Under the European Engine Lubricant Quality Management System (EELQMS), lubricant marketers or manufacturers making claims against the ACEA Oil Sequences are required by ACEA to submit a Letter of Conformance to ATIEL. Submission of a Letter of Conformance (LoC) implies a commitment to develop and manufacture engine lubricants in accordance with the guidelines described in the EELQMS. Currently, over 200 lubricant companies worldwide have signed a Letter of Conformance.

Registration allows signatories to benefit from competing in a market that has established high quality standards and ensured enhanced compliance:

  • Only marketers signing the LoC can make product claims against the ACEA European Oil Sequences.
  • LoC signatories receive a licence to use the EELQMS quality trademark on their product labels, documentation and other marketing materials.
  • Regular independent quality surveys of products marketed by LoC registrants to strengthen the quality image and the credibility of the performance claims of signatories' products.
  • The quality survey provides individual signatories with feedback on how their products perform.
  • Signatories have privileged access to training and educational materials.

Base stock manufacturers' Letter of Conformance

Base stock manufacturers, including partner groups, wishing to declare that they manufacture base stocks in accordance with the ATIEL Code of Practice (Base Stock Quality Assurance guidelines described in Appendix B) may sign a Base stock Letter of Conformance.

More information on the LoC system and how to register a Letter of Conformance can be found in the relevant sections on this website.